DVLA Number Plates

The UK DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) provides Standard registration for new cars which cost the same across the board. However for private number plates they are bought & sold according to their desirability & thus the price reflects that. A highly desirable number plate can cost many thousands of pounds if not ten’s of thousands.

YOu can purchase a private number plate directly from the DVLA plates website and choose any combination that suits you. prices start from £350 per registration and depending upon how unique or desirable it is the cost could be significantly more. As you are going directly through the DVLA for your registration then you can deal with any issues directly through them.

Unlike many third-party private number plate provides acting as middlemen, you could face numerous issues. For a start the cost involved is significantly higher than that of DVLA direct. These middlemen or third-party ‘websites’ are there just to make a profit and realistically do no work at all! If and when you have problems they are very slow to respond and sometimes make your experience of buying a private number plate for your vehicle a TOTAL nightmare!

Do yourself a favour and purchase your DVLA plates directly from the DVLA. ultimately you will save time and money! Using them directly you could have your new private number plate in less than weeks. That’s faster than any third-party service you will find.